Roofing Quotes 101 – What to Look For When Hiring A Roofing Contractor

Published on May 18, 2019

Roofing Quotes 101 – Repairing or replacing your roof is a major investment. When the time comes to select the right roofing contractor for your project, it’s important you explore all your options and ensure you get the highest value relative to the best price possible.

During the process of reviewing your various roofing quotes (and more importantly) choosing the right roofing contractor, make sure you’re focused on the following things:

Roofing Quotes the Contractor Selection Process and Due Diligence

You shouldn’t just pick the first contractor who provides you with a roofing quote. Different contractors offer varied services which means differences in pricing, material quality, level of service, warranty coverage and many other factors. Therefore, obtaining the opinion of more than one roofing contractor and getting a number of roofing quotes is vital in ensuring you’re hiring someone who can meet your specific needs for the best price possible.

Even before you solicit your roofing quotes, try and find references for the companies you are considering. Be sure to complete your basic due diligence prior to calling them. This is to confirm they’re a quality roofing contractor, and also to confirm they have a good reputation and are highly recommended by their previous or past clients. This MUST be done prior to ever inviting a roofing contractor to begin work on your roof. Besides speaking to family and friends, online reviews are a quick and easy way to source reputable roofing contractors. It’s also easy enough to Google a businesses address to see if they have been successful enough to operate from an actual business establishment, or simply operate from a residence.

Also, if it’s the busy season be cautious of a roofing contractor who bang out fast roofing quotes and start the job quickly.  Good roofing contractors will be busy, if not that should raise a red flag. Do you really want a roofing contractor that nobody else does?

Ensure Proper Roofer Licensing Before Your Roof Quote

If you live in a province or state where a contractor’s license is required, or a license to work at particular heights, make sure whoever you’re considering is fully licensed. Before you begin working with anyone, research the requirements for a roofing contractor in your area. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about their licenses. Even better, ask to see proof of those licenses, and other credentials, like proper insurance coverage.

(Pro Roofing Tip: Another great thing to look for during your roofing quote, contractor selection and due diligence process are awards the company has won for integrity and the level and quality of their work, this can be an excellent indicator that you’re dealing with a pro.)

Having a licensed and insured roofer is not only important, it’s a mandatory for your protection as a homeowner. Depending on where you’re located, some of the most common credentials and other things to look for are.

  • Contractor Licensing (Be sure to check the specifics for your area)
  • Liability Insurance
  • Workers Safety Insurance (In Ontario known as WSIB)
  • Working at Heights Certification

It is important to remember though; these licenses do not guarantee the level of service and craftsmanship a roofing contractor will provide. They only confirm the contractor is properly licensed and insured which will protect you (the homeowner) and your property in the event of an accident.

Roofing Project Job Site Clean-Up

Repairing or replacing a roof can be a messy job. After your roofing project is completed, clean-up usually follows. Does the quote mention whether or not the company’s team will do all of the post-job clean-up? You may not be well-equipped to handle all of the leftover debris, so look for a contractor who explicitly states all clean-up with be included along with their other agreed upon responsibilities.

Roofing Refuse Container Placement

As part of the clean-up process, contractors will oftentimes place a refuse container on the job site for easy disposal of roof debris. These containers are usually large, so finding the appropriate placement for it can be a task in and of itself.

If you have a concrete driveway, placing one of these heavy containers on it may cause damage. This will lead to additional repair costs that your contractor is likely not responsible for. Make sure whoever you hire knows where to place their refuse container so that it doesn’t cause any damage to your property.

Typically the best-case scenario is to hire a roofing company who uses dump trailers or dump trucks,  rather than a stationary bin or dumpster, this prevents any potential bin contact damage. Also if a roofing contractor owns their own dump trailers, for example, they don’t have to rely on an outside companies schedule for drop off and pick up (common with bins), enabling better service to you the customer.

Roofing Project Weather Protection

Weather is unpredictable. If any heavy rain transpires in the middle of a roofing project, a half-installed roof could mean rainwater entering the interior of your home leading to water damage. How will the contractor protect your home?

Your roofer should have a plan in place for unexpected situations like this. A good Windsor Roofer will cover your roof in a tarp or synthetic underlayment to protect from the elements in the case of a surprise rainfall or storm.

Roof Warranty

Your roof is meant to last and the vast majority of (reputable) roofing companies will offer a warranty to cover long-term protection of your roof.

Make sure you understand what the warranty coverage is on your new roof and make sure you have the details of the warranty in writing with the roof quote. Some of the highest quality roofing contractors may be manufacturer or factory certified to install a particular roofing product. This is something to pay very close attention to when choosing a contractor. Why? Because these factory certified installers are usually able to offer enhanced warranty coverage, which offers far more protection compared to what the typical roofing company can offer.

(Pro Roofing Tip: Sometimes consumers or the contractors will request a “cash job” which is off the books, allowing the consumer to save the taxes and the contractor to collect all the revenue from the job free and clear. However, when opting for a “cash job” you are ineligible to be covered by the manufacturers warranty. This means you may save a couple of bucks up front, but long term and in the event you encounter an issue with your roof, or an injury during installation, this lack of warranty and insurance coverage could cost you a fortune).

What You Need To Remember For Your Roofing Project

A high-quality roof is built to last, and a newly replaced roof should last for at least another 15-20 years. Make sure your contractor offers a warranty that protects you in the event of a roofing misfortune.

A Quick Summary of Steps When It Comes to Roofing Quotes

Here is a quick summary of the steps outlined in this article and these are the same steps you should be using to ensure you hire a licensed, highly qualified and skillful roofing contractor during the roof quote process.

  • Take your time when selecting a roofing contractor and be very thorough with your due diligence when selecting one.
  • Ensure your roofing contractor has the proper licensing (Important note: It will be different depending on the area you live)
  • Inquire about the roofing project job-site clean-up process, and whether it’s included.
  • Ask about the roofing refuse container placement, and type of container to guarantee your property is protected.
  • Learn about your roofs warranty (how long is it?, what does it include?, etc.) and make sure you get it in writing

Whatever your roofing concerns may be, our team at Gauthier Roofing and Sliding can help you complete any project. Visit or get in touch today to explore our services, we’d be more than happy to provide you a complimentary, comprehensive roofing quote.


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